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Article: Our profile

DB InfraGO AG is shaping the future of German rail infrastructure. We have been pooling the resources of DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG in a public service infrastructure company since 1 January 2024. With over 61,000 employees*, we are working to establish the foundation of today's and tomorrow's mobility. Operating as a single entity, we aim to create an effective rail network and appealing stations that please our customers in every respect while staying focussed on the goals set by policymakers:

  • Doubling rail passenger transport volume
  • Raising rail freight transport's market share from 19% to 25%
  • Implementing Germany-wide timetable integration

We are also working on new management control tools for the public service infrastructure. An important component will be a multi-year federal infrastructure plan defining key performance indicators and measures for the rail network and stations; the plan will be updated annually. In addition, rail infrastructure resilience, greater market share for rail transport, and other public welfare objectives are now firmly anchored as corporate objectives in DB InfraGO AG's articles of association to provide guidance for the company's management.

From planning to implementation, we will take an integrated approach to all projects at DB InfraGO AG. From the outset, experts for rail infrastructure (Tracks division) and stations (Stations division) will be at the table in close contact with our stakeholders: rail companies, municipalities, passenger transport authorities, special-purpose associations, and the federal and state governments.

Tracks division (Geschäftsbereich Fahrweg, formerly DB Netz AG)

With more than 53,000 employees*, the Tracks division is responsible for the smooth operation, maintenance and improvement of the largest rail network in Europe, which covers 33,400 kilometres and supports average traffic of 50,000 trains per day. Our central task is to provide a high-quality and non-discriminatory infrastructure for over 450 rail companies providing freight and passenger services. This includes designing timetables, managing operations and construction, maintenance, and ongoing improvements to rail infrastructure. This division is the largest railway infrastructure provider in Europe, with more than 1,100 million train-path kilometres per year travelled on the tracks in Germany.

Stations division (Geschäftsbereich Personenbahnhöfe, formerly DB Station&Service AG)

Mobility is more than just transport. More than 8,000 of our employees* are involved in designing and operating some 5,400 railway stations throughout Germany. These stations are not just gateways to the Deutsche Bahn system but also mobility centres and meeting places. To improve the experience for travellers, we are steadily expanding our network with the federal states, municipalities, passenger transport authorities and rail companies. Working with our partners, we are turning stations into calling cards for their cities, providing attractive opportunities to implement smart new mobility-related business models. With some 700 passenger buildings and 900,000 square metres of leased floor space, we create places that invite people to linger: sustainable, customer-friendly and service-oriented.

We are confronting the challenges of tomorrow's mobility, planning with foresight for a modern, environmentally friendly and efficient rail infrastructure for all of Germany.

DB InfraGO AG: Working together for a strong infrastructure.

Key figures for DB InfraGO AG (2022–2023)


Workforce (2023)


Revenue (2022)EUR 7,535 million

(Figures are rounded)

Tracks (2022)

Volume produced in network1,130 million train-path kilometres
Length of line operated (rail network)

33,400 km

Length of tracks

60,800 km

Switches and crossings


Level crossings


Tunnels (number, length)

745, 595 km

Bridges and viaducts


Controlling signal systems


Gross capital expenditureEUR 8,969 million
Net capital expenditureEUR 1,738 million

(Figures are rounded)

Stations (2022)

Station stops per year156 million
Passengers and visitors per day21 million
Rail companies stopping at stations


Active stations


Passenger buildings


Leased floor space

900,000 m2



Gross capital expenditureEUR 1,434 million
Net capital expenditureEUR 397 million

(Figures are rounded)

* As at end of 2023